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Pandali´s Print Shop


Discover our different collections

We currently have 4 main collections on offer. The pictures can be purchased as “Originals”, “Prints” or as “Prints with signature”. Simply click on the collection you would like to buy

Pandali collection

A collection designed by Pandali and Pindeli, it includes prints by Pandi, Mr. Twinks and SS-Samy.

Kong collection

A collection designed by Master-Kong, including prints by Kung, Köng, Kong and Ezekiel.

Monsieur collection

A collection designed by the turtle “Monsieur”. Several classic prints are included here, including some from Lady, Krokos and Monsieur himself.

Wally collection

The “Wally collection”, also known as the “Bear collection” among experts, contains prints of the Butz and Todd brothers and, of course, Wally.

coming soon

Space-Kong edition

Will be released on 4.4.2024

The time has finally come on 4.04.2024. The new “Space-Kong” collection will be released. A collection with the motto “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”. Strictly limited edition! Reserve a print now.


What our clients are Saying

Jeff  S.

“I have just bought my first print, signed by “Lady”. I had the print framed so that it wouldn’t get damaged. Now the picture is hanging in my room and it’s just incredible what positive energy it radiates.”

Gil G.

“I have already bought several prints, my favorite is “Ezekiel the little Jew”. It has a very historical context and complements my collection of famous paintings perfectly. It hangs right next to my Paul Cezanne.”